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When coffee became an essential flavoring agent in modern life, starbucks, coffee bene, costa and other coffee shops swarmed across the country.

For those who are passionate about coffee, are you thinking about making a cup of coffee at home?

Then your home is definitely not the right one for your coffee maker. It only takes a minute to get a cup of delicious coffee to be in front of your eyes.

We recommend 10 coffee makers for everyone today, so I just want to take them home.

10 Best Coffee Maker 2019:

Delonghi ECAM 21.117.SBDimensions: 16.9 x 9.4 x 13.8 in
Weight: 19.84 pounds
KRUPS EA9010Dimensions: 22.76 x 14.92 x 19.53 in
Weight: 25.6 pounds
Ninja Hot & Cold Brew SystemDimensions: 14 x 8 x 14 in
Weight: 11.09 pounds
Moccamaster KB 741Dimensions: 6.69 x 13.39 x 14.17 in
Weight: 6.26 pounds
Bunn NHS VelocityDimensions: 11.6 x 13.7 x 9.1 in
Weight: 8 pounds
Brew Express BEC-110BSDimensions: 12.5 x 7 x 13 in
Weight: 17 pounds
Siemens TE607803CNDimensions: 11.02 x 15.16 x 18.86 in
Weight: 20.9 pounds
DeLonghi ESAM 3000BDimensions: 16.9 x 8.7 x 13.4 in
Weight: 20.6 pounds
PHILIPS HD8914/07Dimensions: 17.44 x 12.46 x 21.5 in
Weight: 19 pounds
PHILIPS HD7762/55Dimensions: 8.5 x 12 x 13.5 in
Weight: 5.35 pounds

1. Delonghi ECAM 21.117.SB Coffee Maker

Delonghi ECAM 21.117.SB Coffee Maker

This is a compact, fully automatic Bean to Cup coffee maker.

Compared to the old model, its appearance and function have been improved.

It is equipped with a manual Cappuccino system that can make milk foam, as well as a coffee cup and soft water filter.

In addition, CRF has no piping system and fast pumping conversion, which is more suitable for household use. The tank capacity is 1.8L and the pump pressure is 15BAR.

Overall, it is suitable for home office, so it is very simple to make coffee.

2. KRUPS EA9010


This is a high-end coffee maker that is perfect for use in the office.

It uses TFT touch screen operation, is very simple to operate, and can make a variety of styles of coffee.

In addition, its body is mostly made of metal, and there is a cup plate with vents on the top, which is of good quality.

But unlike other fully automatic coffee makers, the EA9010 has a steam tube and coffee outlet designed in the same area.

This simplifies operation and is easier to clean.

The most gratifying thing is that it has a very large capacity and can meet the needs of 8 people at a time.

This is indeed an excellent coffee maker, and it also has the advantages of energy saving and environmental protection.

3. Ninja Hot & Cold Brew System

Ninja Hot & Cold Brew System

In the field of coffee maker, Ninja is definitely one of the leaders.

Ninja Hot is a coffee maker that many people dream of, it is like a piece of art!

Its exterior is coated with a layer of metallic chrome that is as bright as platinum. It is extremely stable and does not rust or oxidize.

So, it’s one of the most durable coffee makers we’ve ever used.

In addition, the coffee it produces is rich in flavor and is very popular among users.

Although this is a semi-automatic coffee maker, it’s easy to make a big cup of coffee in just a few minutes.

4. Moccamaster KB 741 Coffee Maker

Moccamaster KB 741 Coffee Maker

This is a capsule coffee maker, its biggest advantage is its simple operation.

You just need to put the capsule into the machine, tighten the buckle, and the coffee will come out.

Despite this, the quality of the coffee it produces is very stable and is very popular among users.

But the quality of coffee depends on the coffee powder, so if you want high quality coffee, you pay for high quality coffee powder.

The good news is that the coffee powder that comes with the KB 741 is of good quality.

If you like one-click operation, then it is the most suitable.

5. Bunn NHS Velocity

Bunn NHS Velocity

This is a versatile coffee maker!

You can make smart appointments and make coffee automatically.

In addition, it also has a button cleaning, automatic shutdown, lighting touch keys and other functions.

If you have the materials ready, just press the switch and you can enjoy the coffee in 10 minutes.

Most importantly, it can also be used to different degrees of grinding for different coffee beans in order to make the most suitable taste.

Whether at home or in the office, this is a coffee maker worth buying.

6. Brew Express BEC-110BS

Brew Express BEC-110BS

If you like to drink espresso, then BEC-110BS is for you!

Its construction is simple, like a hot water bottle.

In addition, it has a milk foamer that you can use to make a variety of beverages.

It’s affordable and comes in a variety of color capsules so you can make drinks in a variety of colors.

Surprisingly, it has a very large capacity and can make 5-6 cups of coffee at a time.

Overall, this is a cheap coffee maker.

7. Siemens TE607803CN

Siemens TE607803CN Coffee Maker

Siemens automatic coffee makerTE607803CN is imported from Europe and is equipped with an instant thermostat system, which allows the coffee extraction temperature to be stable and maintained at 90-95 degrees Celsius, releasing more endless fragrance of coffee.

The ceramic static grinding technology not only grinds out fine and even powder, but also retains the original flavor of the coffee beans to the greatest extent, and is durable, quiet and running.

Equipped with a large smart touch display, it can be used for full touch operation, making it more convenient for users.

Support the production of espresso espresso, black coffee, cappuccino, latte macchiato, latte, milk foam, hot milk, hot water.

Features ultra-large color touch screen display, double incense, one-button double-cup fancy coffee, instant thermostat system, ceramic static grinding, safety child lock and so on.

8. DeLonghi ESAM 3000B

DeLonghi ESAM 3000B

As an Italian brand, DeLonghi not only manufactures coffee makers, but also produces other kitchens and appliances, and has acquired some of the product lines of British small appliance manufacturers Kenwood and Braun.

Its coffee maker product line is more abundant, and the recommended model belongs to the Magnifica S series.

DeLong ECAM 3000B is a fully automatic coffee maker with a manual Cappuccino system for making milk foam, detachable coffee cups and water tanks for cappuccino.

It is produced in Europe, parameters, CRF non-pipe system and fast pump pressure conversion, more suitable for household use, water tank capacity 1.8L, pump pressure 15BAR, silent grinder bean warehouse capacity 250g, more than enough for the family.

9. PHILIPS HD8914/07 Coffee Maker


Philips HD8914/07 Fully automatic coffee maker Stainless steel color, the appearance is made of stainless steel, the shape is excellent, the LCD screen is more intuitive.

Integrated milk storage container, unique Latte Perfetto foam technology. Ceramic grinder, coffee beans are finer to grind. 5-speed grinding adjustment to meet the needs of different taste buds.

One-button quick cleaning of the milk storage device, automatic internal circulation flushing, detachable brewing components, easy to clean. Fast heater, no need to wait.

AquaClean’s new technology filter eliminates the need to change the filter regularly. The bottle capacity is 500ml and the water tank capacity is 1.8L.

10. PHILIPS HD7762/55


The HD7762/55 is based on the HD7762. The exterior uses Inter Milan’s classic blue-black color scheme, and the front filter is printed with the Inter Milan team logo.

In terms of hardware, the HD7762 uses a dual independent bean bin, which can be blended with different types of coffee beans to further enhance the taste, and can also be brewed with coffee powder.

Silent integrated grinder, fine powder, 3 kinds of concentration, thickness selection, cup size can be selected between 2~10 cups, coffee pot anti-drip design, smart nozzle inside, circulating finished product, long-lasting fragrance.

More intuitive LED display screen, support for reservation function, insulation can be selected between 10 minutes and 2 hours, very convenient, the water tank capacity is 1.2L.

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