Best Charging Stations

Best Charging Stations

Are you tired of the messy data lines on the table? You can’t even distinguish them?

Today, only more and more devices, mobile phones, tablets, smart watches. There is no doubt that they bring a lot of convenience and joy to our lives.

However, these smart devices are very power hungry and you may need to charge them every day.

If you put them all together, this may make your work messy. Is there any solution?

The Charging Stations! In this article, we recommend 5 Charging Stations for everyone. In addition to personal experience, these featured content is based on expert and buyer reviews on the web.

5 Best Charging Stations 2019:

Simicore USB Charging Station6.1 x 5 x 1.1 in14.1 ounces
AUKEY Quick Charge 3.02.5 x 1.1 x 2.5 in4.2 ounces
Nomad’s Wireless Charging Hub4.3 x 0.6 x 0.4 in10.6 ounces
Vogek 6-Port USB Charging Station3.2 x 3.2 x 1.3 in7.8 ounces
Okra USB Charging Station PRO8.7 x 8.2 x 4 in2.03 pounds

1. Simicore USB Charging Stations

Simicore USB Charging Stations

The Simicore Charging Station is a multi-device charging hub that is compatible with Apple and Android devices.

It has 4 slots and can accommodate up to 4 USB powered devices. It is compatible with smartphones, tablets, cameras, e-readers, headsets and all other USB powered devices.

Each slot has a blue light that illuminates when your device is charging and goes out when the device is fully charged to prevent the device from overcharging.

Plus, with its non-slip rubber base, all your smartphones and tablets can be securely held in place until they are needed again.

All in all, if you need a versatile charging station, Simicore is definitely worth buying.

Pros /Cons
  • Non-slip rubber base
  • Charging status indicator
  • Can charge various devices
  • Only 4 slots

2. AUKEY Quick Charge 3.0

AUKEY Quick Charge 3.0

When you think of a portable charger, AUKEY is probably one of the first brands to think of.

AUKEY Quick Charge 3.0 features two Quick 3.0 ports and four AiPower ports that quickly charge any device you can throw at it.

Unlike other devices, it has no slots and you can only place the device you need to charge on the table.

In addition, it does not have a USB-C port, if you like USB-C life, you need to use the old standard of USB-A to USB-C.

Still, we still like it very much. It is the best fast charging station.

Pros /Cons
  • Fast charging
  • Safety
  • Built-in guard to prevent overheating and overcharging
  • Four AiPower ports
  • No USB-C ports

3. Nomad’s Wireless Charging Hub

Nomad's Wireless Charging Hub

Anyone with a wireless charging phone (such as the new iPhone and many Android phones) will like Nomad’s charging station.

It has a maximum output of 7.5W and has three USB-A ports and one USB-C port to charge almost any smart device.

In addition, there is an LED on the top of the charging station, an orange light indicates that your device is still charging, and a soft white light indicates that they are fully charged.

Most importantly, the charging station can simultaneously charge multiple devices without problems such as heat generation or overcharging.

If you need a wireless charging station, then Nomad’s Wireless Charging Hub is definitely one of the best options.

Pros /Cons
  • Wireless charging
  • USB-C port
  • Good cable management
  • Expensive

4. Vogek 6-Port USB Charging Stations

Vogek 6-Port USB Charging Stations

The Vogek 6-Port USB Charging Station is an economical hub that is stylish and feature-rich.

It uses smart technology to identify your USB-connected device and deliver the right amount of power – up to 6A.

This smart charging technology combined with multiple protection security systems ensures your equipment is protected from overheating, overcharging or high current issues.

It has six smart USB ports that can detect your device type for optimal charging.

In addition, it is available in six colors, from black to purple, to almost any space. Its portability and price make it an ideal choice for travel and home use.

Pros /Cons
  • Six smart USB ports
  • Stylish and feature-rich
  • Available in six colors
  • Small footprint
  • No slot

5. Okra USB Charging Station PRO


This is a simple and practical charging station with no cool look and fancy features. But it offers 7 USB charging ports with a maximum charging rate of 2.4A.

Although it can charge 7 devices at the same time, it does not take up a lot of space.

Unlike other charging stations, it has a rail-mounted charging slot that won’t look bloated even when the device is full.

Okra also includes a built-in On / Off switch so you can turn off the charging station when you are not using the charging station or leaving home.

The only downside is that it does not take advantage of Quick Charge 2.0 or 3.0 charging speed. So if you are looking for a fast charging station, it may not be for you.

Pros /Cons
  • 7 USB charging ports
  • Smart switch
  • Orderly layout
  • Slow charging

Buyer’s Guide

Today, you can choose from a lot of wireless charging stations, but not every one is right for you.

When choosing the right multi-port charger, it is first necessary to determine exactly which charging station is right for you. If you have no clue, please pay attention to the following points:

  • Number of ports: This means you can charge several devices at the same time. In general, they all have more than 4 ports.
  • Power output: A good charging station should provide the right amount of power to your equipment to ensure it is not overcharged.
  • Portability: You certainly won’t want to put a bulky charging station in your backpack.
  • Security: There is no doubt that this is the most important point. We have heard about the spontaneous combustion of the charger and the explosion, which is crazy! Therefore, they must have functions such as preventing heat, overcharging, and slipping.

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